Miss Anambra Sex Video

Miss Anambra Sex Video: Medical Doctor Blasts Nigerians,Explains Their Hypocrisy
UK based Nigerian medical doctor and humanist Ijabla Raymond, is really angry with Nigerians over their reactions to the recent leaked sextape of Miss Anambra, Chidinma Okeke’s sextape. Read the eye-opening write up…

one of those moments I feel ashamed to be a Nigerian. I don’t understand why there is so much hysteria about the leaked sex video of a private citizen. In my opinion, this should not make the news. There are far too many sanctimonious and judgmental people who take it upon themselves to be morality police in this country. They pontificate on how sinful sex is yet they seek out the leaked sex video and all forms of porn on the internet.

The morality police turn a blind eye when prepubescent girls are given out in marriage to men old enough to be their grandfathers but as soon as consenting adults engage in premarital or gay sex they start twitching. How is it anybody’s business what two or more consenting adults choose to do with their bodies if they are not hurting a third party or forcing you to have sex with them?

Do you want something really worthwhile to talk about? Do you want to talk about something that every decent person should be angry about? I will give you it. Only this month, the Emir of Katsina reportedly married a fourteen-year-old girl, assaulting her dignity and innocence in the process but our society hardly took notice. Child-bride marriage is so common in northern Nigeria that it is considered a normal way of life.

This is a matter that has serious consequences for the lives of young people. It should concern every citizen because it destroys the lives of our children. It stops girls from going to school to get an education, which in turn affects their prospects of getting good jobs and becoming financially independent later in life. These girls are more likely to develop abnormal connections between their vagina, bladder, and rectum during childbirth, which then causes them to become incontinent of feces and urine. The resultant malodor very often leads to isolation and social ostracism or even divorce by their husbands who simply marry the next child-bride. It is a lot of psychological trauma for anybody to deal with let alone a teenage mother. These young mothers end up begging on the streets when their elderly husbands divorce them. Sadly, their children are left to the mercies of hostile step-mothers and may end up as street beggars just like their unfortunate mothers.

The evidence shows that children born to educated mothers have better outcomes than those born to teenage mothers with no education or job. When you educate a woman you empower the whole family and by extension the society. Look around, and you will notice that the most progressive and affluent societies in the world are the ones that have educated and empowered their women. It seems to me that the Nigerian society is confused and has its priorities the wrong way round. Why are we angry when adults (married or not, gay or straight) engage in consensual sex but turn a blind eye when children are raped by adults in the name of tradition?

As a secular humanist, I do not look to any religious book or gods for morals. I apply reason, common sense, judgment, and empathy in decision-making. If two or more adults engage in consensual sex and this does not harm anybody then it is none of my business. Period! I think our self-righteousness and propensity to be judgemental come from religion. Islam and Christianity condemn homosexuality and consensual sex between unmarried adults but are silent on the matter of pedophilia. Catholic priests have gained an ugly notoriety for sexually molesting young boys all over the world. The prophet of Islam married a prepubescent girl when he was in his fifties and many Muslims cannot be persuaded to abandon this practice. Despite unparalleled religiosity, our society is one of the most decadent in the world – we are almost always near the top of the list of the most corrupt countries in the world. Many Nigerian children endure years of sexual abuse by close relatives such as uncles, aunties, cousins, house-boys, house-girls or family friends. To think some of these perverts are now sitting in judgment over Miss Anambra and her friend is nauseating and outrightly hypocritical.


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News update from starboymusic……

Ibadan— TWELVE persons, including a mother and her twin children, were feared killed in an accident that occurred, yesterday, at Oja-Oba Market area of the Ibadan South East Local Government Area of Oyo State.
Some of the vehicles and tricycles crushed by the truck (inset) in Ibadan, yesterday. PHOTOS: Dare Fasube.
Police put the casualty figure at four, but some eyewitnesses claimed the number of lives lost could not be less than 12.
While the accident left several people injured, several commercial cars and property were crushed by an articulated vehicle.
According to a source, the driver of the truck, which had just off loaded cement, lost control of his vehicle and crushed about 12 persons on the spot.
While the remains of those killed were taken to the morgue at Adeoyo State Hospital, the injured were rushed to the University College Hospital, Ibadan.
It was gathered that the truck, with number plates AGL883XQ, skidded off its lane to the other side of the road, crushed many people and commercial cars, popularly called Micra
cars, and tricycles that were waiting for passengers.
According to sources, the truck off loaded bags of cement at Beere and was heading towards Molete when the accident happened.
A witness speaks
An eyewitness, Alhaja Aminat, said: “The incident happened at 7.45a.m. As I was about to enter my shop here, I heard people shouting. I first ran for my life. Later, I noticed that a driver of a truck was trying to halt the truck, but he could not.
“About seven Micra cabs, fully loaded with passengers, and six tricycles with passengers, were crushed.
“The woman and her twins were standing beside the road, waiting for Okada (commercial motorcycle) to convey them to school when the truck ran over them.”
The Police Public Relations Officer, Adekunle Ajisebutu, confirmed that four persons died in the accident and that the driver of the truck had been arrested and kept in police custody.
Commiserating with the families of the dead and injured, Oyo State Government, through the Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, Mr. Toye Arulogun, said such deaths were needless and avoidable if only people will desist from street trading, keep vehicles in good condition and abide by traffic laws.

Chinko Ekun – “Shayo” ft. Dremo & Falz (Prod by Killertunes)

Chinko Ekun – “Shayo” ft. Dremo & Falz (Prod by Killertunes)


YBNL affiliate Chinko Ekun enlists hip-hop titans Falz and Dremo for his new single titled“Shayo”.

The trio team up with hit-producer KillerTunesto deliver a mega collaboration.

Check on it and drop your comments!

Chinko Ekun – “Shayo” ft. Dremo & Falz (Prod by Killertunes)

Fake Zlatan ibrahimovic That Got Man U Fans Fooled

See this ‘fake’ Zlatan Ibrahimovic that got Man U fans all fooled (photo

Ahead of the Manchester derby this weekend, Sky Sports employed a Zlatan Ibrahimovic lookalike to roam the streets of Manchester in a replica United jersey, and several members of the public were coned into believing the guy was the Swedish superstar. Manchester United fans then stopped to take pictures with the fake Ibrahimovich, before they found out the man was just a body double. Watch the video after the cut.

iLLBliss – “Fortem” (Freestyle)

iLLBliss – “Fortem” (Freestyle)


Recently word had it that Illbliss also known as Oga Boss quit the game, and this was following “a goodbye” Instagram post  last week by the critically acclaimed Nigerian rapper/ music executive that went “viral” spawning comments and questions from fans, bloggers and pressmen alike.

Illbliss recently hitting the refresh button on himself in order to come out stronger and fresher would respond to comments and questions regarding his “goodbye” post being a publicity stunt saying –

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